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Field Investigator


$31,707.00 - $40,312.00 Annually


1735 S. West Street, IN

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Full Time


Department of Public Works Operations

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Position Summary

Position is responsible for providing field investigative services to protect public health and safety by applying expert analytical skills to evaluate complex situations, derive solutions and ensure the delivery of quality storm water/environmental services to the public. Position is expected to perform labor intensive tasks as required. Employee must be able to respond to service requests, document investigation activities and initiate corrective actions. Periodic citizen contacts may occasionally be adversarial in nature and the employee must use skill and judgment to resolve both technical and interpersonal problems related to field situations and problem resolution solutions.

Position Responsibilities

Provides emergency investigations within four (4) hours of initial notification for: cave-ins, storm facility back-ups, overflows or flooding, critical channel blockages and storm system debris obstructions.

Analyses of causes of problems and direction of city resources to solve them.

Secures any hazardous location which could pose a health or safety problem.

Investigates all non-emergency requests are to be investigated within five (5) working days of notification.

Responds to difficult public contact situations in a professional, tactful, courteous, and persuasive manner that demonstrates the City's commitment to customer service and responsiveness.

Prepares accurate and detailed reports for all requests for service, and collects all needed data. Data may include photographs, measurements, and other pertinent data to be used for operational evaluations, scheduling or legal proceedings.

Assigns the Service Request and/or Work Order as applicable for corrective action to the appropriate Department, Division or service provider.

Provides guidance to the citizen, when responsibilities for solving the problem fall outside of the City's jurisdiction.

Notifies citizens of tentative repair schedules, projects, and delays if the problem is a DPW responsibility.

Monitors the status of all assigned unresolved Service Requests or Work Orders by tracking the schedule of work activities until problem is resolved.

Keeps the citizen apprised of the status of the request for service.

Serves as the City's representative for the designated area, assigned responsibilities and specialized fields.

Attends annual neighborhood meetings, as-needed, to explain the services the City provides and to assist the community in resolving DPW jurisdictional issues.

Serves as backup support to Operations, Engineering and Policy and Planning Divisions.

Uses and maintains all needed safety equipment provided by the management or safety officer.

Responsible for the care and the maintenance of all City assets provided by the city.

Reports discovered chemical spills and sewer overflows to DPW dispatch, IDEM, and Health and Hospital, as required by law.

Identifies who is responsible for responding to request, recommends appropriate solution and/or course of action.

Directs significant amount of city resources through Work Orders issued to Department/Divisions and service providers.

Understands and generates Service Requests, Work Orders and/or report forms in a complete/concise manner using appropriate and standardized InforPS terminology.

Accurately assesses service request locations/situations to differentiate between public infrastructure and privately owned facilities and takes appropriate actions as applicable.

Maintains accurate, standardized InforPS data formatted record keeping of all time/materials allotted for investigation assignments.

Assumes accountability and maintenance responsibility for all vehicles, tools and equipment supplied by the City for assigned functions and tasks.

Observes all on-site safety regulations and Departmental SOP's.

Operates assigned hand/power tools and specialized maintenance equipment.

Provides assistance to workers in other classifications.

Works overtime as assigned.

This list of duties and responsibilities is not intended to be all-inclusive and may be expanded to include other duties or responsibilities that management may deem necessary from time to time.


High school diploma and/or GED required, Associate of Science Degree preferred. Analytical and/or technical experience with minimum of four (4) years of combined work related experience with construction projects, public contract work and/or municipal regulatory inspections. American Public Works Association (APWA) Public Works Construction Inspection certification recommended. Must have proficient computer knowledge and the ability to learn InforPS and ArcGIS. Ability to obtain a thorough knowledge City of Indianapolis street and storm water facility construction standards and specifications. Ability to obtain a thorough knowledge of Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Act (IOSHA) Regulations. Ability to obtain a thorough knowledge of general construction and/or maintenance projects and methods. Familiarity with the City of Indianapolis Traffic Control Manual and Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Regulations. Must be able to comprehend/apply both written and verbal instructions. Ability to read and interpret construction plans, technical information reports, maps, guides and manuals. Familiarity with City and County streets/roads. Maintain accurate and detailed daily records. Must be able to lift at least fifty (50) pounds and carry fifty (50) pounds for an extended distance (150' +/-). Utilizing standard city issued utility tools, incumbent must be able to remove and replace a range of storm water or other structure castings. Operate and generally maintain a variety of hand tools and equipment. Obtain and hold a valid Indiana Driver's License for continued employment. Must have good written and verbal communication skills. Exercise sound and practical independent judgment. Must possess exceptional problem solving and conflict resolution skills and maintain a highly professional image when interfacing with the public. Must adhere to established service standards. Cope with/manage emergencies and high-pressure situations. Interpret and follow instructions, plans, standards, specifications and regulations. Acceptable vision that will allow driving and performing investigation activities at night/low-level light conditions is required. Must be a Marion County resident within six (6) months from date of hire.

Independent Judgment

General actions and judgment are controlled through the application of laws, rules, regulations, standards, guidelines, Department/Division SOP's, City/County policies, local, State and Federal laws and codes. Independent judgement is regularly utilized when there are no available policies and procedures and errors in judgement may cause inconsistencies and inconveniences as well as regulatory and budgetary problems.